Oh, Joy!

Today is my free day, and I wanted to go to town, mostly to get some warmer socks! It gets very cold in the chippy on less busy nights!

We know for sure now that Ahmed, the boss is in hospital in Leicester. They needed to reduce and stabilise his potassium levels, and he will also have a minor operation on his kidney to help with drainage. He may be back home in a few days...

 Lee popped in to see us last night - very good to see him again and have someone to chat to. Amir is full of cold and struggling, so he understandably wasn't very chatty. 

I took this shot of one of the few new decorations in town, in the part that they are trying to gentrify. Another attempt to be less "Bah Humbug!" I like the reflection on the rain-soaked paving slabs as much as anything!

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