Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Today my younger sister, Karen, was celebrating the 40th anniversary of her 21st birthday, so I invited her and her daughter, Jolene, out for lunch.  Mr. HCB declined the invitation - the thought of three women and one man was just too much for him to cope with.  I had arranged to meet them both over at Mum’s, and when I got there, they were already with her.  As I walked up the stairs, I shouted that I had heard there was a party, to which Mum said, “Well, I hope you’ve brought the booze!”  Well, I guess at 95, a little tot of something on your daughter’s birthday is fine although in the event, she only had a lemonade!

We chatted for a while before I suggested we take a “selfie” - Mum was quite happy with that, but Karen and Jolene weren’t that happy, but I managed to persuade them that it was a good idea - however, it is quite hard to get four people arranged around a single bed so it was a good job I had taken my “earbuds” so that I could use the volume control to take the shot, while Jolene held the phone.  I think it’s a lovely photograph of us all, but it had to be vetted by Karen, before she would agree that this one could be used!

K and J didn’t want a large meal, so we went to a local Costa where I had a little “tussle” with the lady who took our order, when she explained that the paninis and sandwich that we had all chosen were not included in the “Meal Deal”.  Rather than have an embarrassing situation, I just paid up but will be winging off an email to Costa telling them that the “small print” on the bottom of the sign about the Meal Deal should still be able to be read at a distance of two feet!  But of course, that’s why we are always told to read “small print” and all the connotations, so I doubt anything will be done about it, but I can at least try.

That said, we all had a good time chatting, eating and drinking - but just coffee - there was no alcohol involved!  Then we went for a wander around the large store next door, but we just looked and didn’t buy anything before I took them back home.  A bittersweet day for us all,  but particularly for Karen, as one of her twin sons and Jolene’s brother, Dean, died suddenly at the end of April.  I've just remembered, we didn’t sing "Happy Birthday" to Karen - so have just WhatsApped her and sang with Mr. HCB - even if she doesn’t like it, I’m sure her grandchildren, who she's looking after, will laugh.  I just hope someone has bought her a birthday cake with lots of candles!

“If you mess with the big sister, 
     there is always a younger, 
          crazier sister behind her…..
That’s who you don’t wanna mess with!”

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