Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


It's the new uniform!

The Haltwhistle Walking Festival committee met today and there was a lot to discuss so that we keep to our timetable to put the Spring Festival out for booking in early February.

This will be the last meeting I chair because I retire at Christmas. I thought there was another meeting before Christmas, so I will return for the first meeting of the new year, to say my final farewells.

John and Ian had been identically dressed by their wives today...........

The meeting was long despite my best efforts to keep things moving, but we made good progress.

I could not sleep last night. I sometimes wake for an hour during the night, but I'm usually a very good sleeper. I did not seem to be worried but sleep would not come. I saw the clock round to 3 am and then woke with a headache at 7. An early night is called for.

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