An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A warm welcome...


Catch up time again!

Up early as an electrician was coming to fix the wall socket and fuse that powers the Aga (that D destroyed by turning the Aga up to full power!) and to look at our fuse board as it's developed a problem (unconnected to the Aga) whereby every time we walk past the fuse box (which is high up on the wall in a hidden corner on the upstairs landing) it trips the fuses that control the ceiling lights in the downstairs hall and wc!

The Aga socket was an easy fix (yay! :-) and now it's switched back on again but at no 5 not no 6!)  The fuse board, not so easy.  

The electrician's done all the checks he can think of and didn't get any answers.  The only thing he can think of is there could be wiring under the floor that for whatever reason, is now being affected by pressure of walking.  He is coming back with a colleague to go over it all again but he's warned us that we may have to lift the flooring on the landing to get to the problem.  Hmmmm....well given that we are going to be having our ensuite refurbished in the next week or two and our bedroom decorated at the same time, now is not a good time to be lifting the floor that the tradesmen have to be walking over.  We'll just have to put up with no ceiling lights in the hall till that's done.  Thank heavens any problems with our electrics are covered by our gas plan.  This may prove costly.

Once he'd gone, it was such a miserable afternoon we decided to go our for lunch.  Since Broadslap is closed till the New Year we headed to Gloagburn.  The rain was bouncing down when we arrived and it was bitter cold so David was delighted when we were given a table next to the wood burner.  I Being a woman of a certain age with her own, internal wood burner, I wasn't quite so enthusiastic.  Made matters worse by having soup!  It was delicious though :-)))

A tour of their lovely shop afterwards, including the Christmas pop up shop, saw another few little Christmas gifts bought.  And some of their delicious fresh berries.  

Pitch dark and still raining heavily when we left.  Automatically came home the back road as in summer it's such a lovely drive.  It always amazes me how different the drive home is between summer and winter.  Dark, cold wet today with us heading home to hunker down and get cosy, yet in the summer it's gorgeous light, beautiful countryside and if were lucky, home to sit in the garden.

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