By HeidiHH


Another productive day with even more foot injuries.

When I can't train, I craft.

So I went shopping for items I needed and did this to our kitchen:

And then I painted our trash bins:

I also started to make a big decoration to our bedroom. I bought a painting today from the charity shop (2,50€) to background a vase I'll make from a Cava bottle. The bottle / vase is done, and I've also collected dry branches to which I'll add some fabric or inner tube flowers. So that's halfway.

I'm also hoping to make a decoration to the kitchen top shelf middle with some smaller branches. We'll see if I can do what I vision.

So back to my feet. Right knee still really painful and can't handle stairs or kneeling. Left instep also really achy. I needed to switch to my combat boots so my foot is very still when I walk, so I can walk. And those boots gave me a massive blister to my right foot toe. So there. That's nearly the whole day.

Except that our Barcelonian neighbor continued with renovations and it's been a day of banging and drilling and noise once again. I hate her.

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