An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

And the winner is...

The teal, gold and navy wallpaper.  Not on every wall.  Just on two with a self coloured plain wallpaper on the other walls.

Billy the decorator popped in this afternoon to measure up and let me know how many rolls we need.  Order has now been placed and he will start next Tuesday.

Now to choose a bedcover and cushions.  Saw a perfect cushion for sale in a lovely shop called Bluebellgray.  Unfortunately they only had one left of a limited print run.  Will investigate their stockists tomorrow.

With the decorator and the bathroom people all starting next week, I'm glad we we're going away for three days.  Alan and team can hold the fort! :-)

In the meantime Christmas is hurtling towards me at warp speed.  Need to get some serious gift buying under my belt by the end of this weekend.

Oh and after a slight panic when the website crashed mid transition, I did finally manage to get a Tesco delivery slot for my preferred time of 10am on 23rd December.  Don't know why I was panicking as I am ordering all my main Christmas food locally from our wonderful butcher, but getting the bulky and heavier goods delivered saves David a trudge round a very busy supermarket.  He would not thank me for that! :-)))

Christmas photoshoot with Esme tomorrow.  I must be mad!  :-)))

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