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By Damnonii

Decision made...

On the wallpaper for the feature wall in our bedroom's not this one.

This was my first choice for ages.  I loved the abstract pattern that's made by putting salt on the inks while they're still wet.  The overall pattern and colours remind me of the sea and sands on Harris and Lewis, but David was worried the pattern would give the impression there was mould / damp growing up the wall!  lol

We had a couple of other samples to chose from and we finally sat down together today and were able to agree, not just on wallpaper for the feature wall but for the other walls too.  And the colour of paint for the ensuite. 

Just as well as Billy the painter is coming tomorrow to measure up for the job with the plan to start next week and will need to know what to order.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are always at the coo's tail!  :-))

In other news, I attempted to do a small pencil portrait of Kate Bush today.  It's for a friend.  Unfortunately it looks more like Cheryl Cole!  Oh dear.  If I have time before Saturday I will try again.

I was also supposed to do a Christmas portrait of Lola today against a lovely Christmas backdrop that I've purchased, but she came back from her walk absolutely filthy, so that didn't happen.

And now it's that wonderful time of year again, where the Tesco Christmas delivery slots are released just after midnight, so I am about to start refreshing my screen over and over in an attempt to secure a deliver on 23rd December.

Wish me luck!  :D

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