By dogwithnobrain

Til You Find your Dream....

So this morning was a bit weird. 

I woke up at 645 - and let a cat out.  And then I read my book for a while. 

By the time I got to the shower... I was already running 10 minutes late. 

I got down stairs, made coffee, (Because I do coffee and then I do things). 

Then I made Soup.  Yeah,  Really poor timing on my part, But I've promised himself all week I would make soup in the evening for the next night, but I've been too tired/ too lazy / too busy to do so.  

I figured, since I was running late, I'd just be really late. 

Sweet Potato, Chill and Coconut Soup made, I dried my hair and slapped some make up on. 

I started to drive to work, and I thought, I'll go past the sea, because I like looking at the sea. 

It was worth it, the sea was beautiful and the atmosphere was clear today and I could see all the way up to Ard-rossan clear as a bell. 

I drove through the woods, and looked to see if I could see any deer, but no. .But I did see a heron and a couple of ducks. 

As I drew towards work -  I glanced right and spotted that the sun had come through the haze and was lighting Arran up beautifully.... I opted to drive past the road into work, and head for a caravan park on the other side of the airport. 

I was right -  It was stunning.   I stood and gaped for a minute or two and then toddled in to work. 

Then I sat in the car park and spoke to the magpies for a further moment or two. 

At different points during the day, I also stopped dead, and worked on a jigsaw for a little while. 

You see.  

I took my time;   I took time to smell the daisies.  I did a little bit of what I fancied. 

And nothing ground to a halt. 

Not one thing. 

Other than my mind. 

Which is a good thing.

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