Northern Star

By Lifferz


You’re stronger than you think

Interesting letters in the local paper this week - a whole spectrum of political views about what is a marginal seat

Hoping I’ll get a long walk in tomorrow (it’s been a while)

I wanted to go to the chippy tonight but my car was frozen by about 5pm and the frost on the window didn’t scrape off easily so I decided to stay home rather than risk the roads.

MrH returned home late and spotted a load of coffee beans in the fridge in an IKEA sealable sandwich bag. They were shoved down the back of some fruit juices and cordial bottles. He’s convinced I’ve put them there but I’d never but coffee beans in the fridge or put them in a plastic bag that means they’d lose their aroma and flavour. We do have cleaners and I know they use the coffee machine sometimes.

It’s a bit weird as to why they’ve ended up there. Apparently the coffee canister, where the beans are usually stored, is empty and I’m informed it was full before he went away. I’ve only used the coffee machine twice since he’s been away ( 3 weeks ish) as it started flashing up messages about filters needing changing (no idea even where the filter is located or where I’d find a new one) so I’ve been happily using instant coffee instead. Maybe I have a coffee addict poltergeist or maybe the guy from yesterday’s blip followed me home and I’ve not been paying attention?!

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