Wendy's World

By Wendles56

On Ilkley Moor with Hats!

For folks who live in Lancashire or the rest of the World, my title is a reference to Yorkshire's Anthem, 'On Ilkla Moor baht 'at' which tells the doleful tale of a walker on the Moor who ventured out without a hat.  No fear of friend Helen and I being eaten up by worms or ducks or folks today as we were both wearing hats against the cold.

It was smashing to be out crossing the moor to Ilkley on a bright, cold, frosty morning, catching up with family news and doings.  We agreed no politics today as we are both heartily sick of it all and afeared at how the Election will turn out. 

When we reached the White House at the far side of the Moor, we rang Verity and she suggested we meet at La Stazione for lunch.  Great choice, the staff were genuinely cheery and the food good.  There was more catching up with Verity and then we were on the train and home.
I opened the door to delicious smells of Tony's Christmas Cake cooking, yum!

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