Stripy light

I went back for more of that stripy light this morning - had a feeling it'd have a bit more drama from this angle, and I think I was right.  You can see the source of the reflected light in this photo - the stripy facade of the London Wall Place building in the background.

Had another busy but productive day at work.  Ended up staying until nearly 7pm though, as there was so much to do. The cleaners managed to set off the burglar alarm again this evening which was a bit of an unwelcome interruption.

Phoned Char on my way to the station and had a nice brief catch up with her.  Had a load of different WhatsApp conversations on the go this evening too - including one with my uni friends about our Hull reunion next year (holiday house now booked - hooray!), and one with my family - my brother letting us know that Mum's poorly again :(  Hope she can shake it quickly.

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