By Kipsie

Old age does'nt come alone

I guess I must have slept through Ella wanting to go out for the third time in the night. I woke at 1.20 & let her out, again at 4.10. That normally gets "us" through to me getting up around 7.30ish, but not this morning, so you can guess my first job without going into any detail. Breakfast room & kitchen floors steam mopped, doggie towels and bits laundered and out on the line, time for a shower, then walk Ella. She occasionally has  little wobble which she had this morning when we set off, did'nt take her too far but by the time we returned she was back to normal. She used to have little fits when she was out walking but has'nt had one in quite a while which is brilliant.
I met up with 10 ex work colleagues for lunch today. A couple of the girls, I see regularly the others mainly ex coffee shop, not for quite awhile. Doreen not since I left Fermoy's back in 2001. Margaret still works at Fermoys Garden Centre, she's been there 41 years. Imagine that. She began as a cashier when it was called Pick & Park,  pick your own seasonal fruit, not sure about veg, & bedding nursery. Now she's Customer Service manager and has been for a number of years. She's 75 still working 4 days a week. Sadly lost her husband recently, he was a real character. Maeve has recently had one knee replacement & waiting for the other. A couple of the other ladies are getting a bit frail, but we had a great time catching up and reminiscing about our days of working together. We were a very happy band of workers back in the day. The food was typical standard pub grub, not very interesting, but the company made up for it.
Back to Ella, she was fast asleep when I came in. Grabbed the washing off the line as it was beginning to rain. I decided I needed to add some more detail to the linocut so did a bit of research, doodled then did some more cuts. Hopefully finish it ready for inking tomorrow. I can't work in the artificial light which is what I'm sat under now and is in fact today's abstract blip after a Picasa tweak.

Right then, I'm off to read Wind In The Willows.

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