By Barking

Abey the red antlered Weimy

Doesn't quite have the same ring as Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, but he does look very handsome all the same.

I caught up with KW this morning for breakfast, then popped into the dog obedience Christmas break up. It was a bit boring.

On my way home, I dropped in on the in-laws for a glass of water and a chat.

Home for a quick, impromptu, photoshoot with Abe and then a nice walk. He was really good. A trio of little girls ran over and asked if they could pat him. No parents in sight!  Abe wasn't 100% sure, so I just crouched down next to him and spoke softly in his ear. I asked the girls to approach him slowly so that he could get used to them being there, rather than surprising him with their high pitched voices and speedy running. He did really well and I gave him lots of pats and praise once they had left. It's important to get him used to different people, but I am always a little apprehensive; he is a living, thinking creature, after all!

A chat with Rae while watering the garden and now some chill time.

Any advice for sharing large photos please? I'm struggling and feel like I'll be 90 by the time the silly things upload ...


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