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By arkensielphoto

Reeves Muntjac

The delivery lorry arrived this morning with the groceries; I had ordered extra bread. Morrison’s have just started to deliver in my village so next week I am trying them as I have been told they have an excellent gluten-free range. Unfortunately they do not stock the bread that my husband likes or the one I prefer, which is why I purchased extra today. The freezer would not take all of the extra bread!
So I spent a long time this morning resurrecting our previous small freezer, which is some forty-years old, which is still in the conservatory. It is now down to temperature and the meat from our main freezer is inside it. We are currently eating a plant-based diet, but I do not want to throw away food; it can sit there until I decide what to do with it.
Today’s picture is of a Reeves Muntjac running along our boundary. Although they and the Fallow deer eat some of our plants, they are currently cropping the grass beautifully; it should make it easier when we do the first mow next year.

The temperature at GMT noon today was nine degrees Celsius. There was some weak sunshine and Dougal spent a long time during the morning outside hunting. Florence joined him, but soon came indoors; she is much smaller than him and gets cold more quickly.

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