I made a slow start to the day and then late this afternoon I walked to the Co-op.  I took my Snowman shopping bag with me.  I had finished shopping and was heading for the checkout when I realised I didn't have my snowman shopping bag.  I must have put it down somewhere in the shop and forgotten to pick it up.  Yet another " Senior Moment " to add to the list.  So I searched the aisles but no Snowman bag was to be found.  I went a Customer Services to ask if it had been handed it.  I felt rather silly - especially when the lady asked what was in the bag and I had to say " Nothing ". But I didn't really want to buy another bag to take my shopping home in.  Turns out my bag had been handed in but no one could actually lay their hands on it immediately.  But after a short wait I got my bag back.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Musical link Frosty The SNOWMAN- by Perry Como. When I was little Perry Como always seemed to be on TV - especially around Christmas time.

Steps today - 7,589

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