Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Is it dead?

New freezer was delivered this afternoon around 3pm.  Good service from John Lewis who kept me updated all through the process.  Freezer is still " booting up " and tomorrow it will be ready for me to take into use.  

I had intended going to the village for some food shopping after the freezer delivery but when I went out into the garden to put bird food out I realised it was windy and bitterly cold so I decided to stay indoors.  This meant I had time to start the ironing.  Its been piling up for weeks.  Didn't get it finished but at least some of its done.

What a difference 2 weeks makes.  THIS was what my poinsettia looked like on 23rd November and as you can see from my blip shot its gone downhill since then.  I don't seem to be able to keep indoor plants alive. Whatever I do they die.   Thanks to  BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday challenge.

Steps today - 5,423

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