Captain Scarlet

A late night followed by a late start this morning! Jackie very kindly cooked us a Scottish breakfast (though I admit to not partaking of the lorne sausage or clooty pudding...), after which we all went for a stomp around Gartmorn Dam to walk it off. Only 3miles, but more than enough for my legs, squeezed in to ill-fitting borrowed wellies! A lovely walk though, even in the rain.

Finally, time to say goodbye to Jackie and head for home. As we were about to get in to the car, she suggested that it should have a name - maybe 'Pat', as it reminds her of the famous postman's van! We had named previous vehicles - the Citroen Berlingo was 'Bongo', and the Peugeot Partner 'Pongo', but the Skoda Yeti we've just parted with was nameless. (If the truth were known, I'm not sure that either of us was very fond of it.) Anyway, the new car is bright red, so what about Miss Scarlet? Nope, doesn't suit it at all. In the end, we settled on Captain Scarlet! Here he is.

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