MONO MONDAY - Shopping / Presents

Bitterly cold today so I wrapped up warmly and set off for the village hall to attend my fitness class.  The class was in the small hall today but as there were just 10 of us it was fine.

Then I went to Tesco.  I had just left there when I spotted my old cookery teacher from Grammar school - and her husband.  I sometimes see them in the village.  So I went to have a chat.  They are in their 80's and are both in poor health. Nice to meet them as I hadn't seen them for a while so I wondered if they were OK. 

Later on I went to Slimming Club and faced the scales.  I was " off plan " for 3 weeks in November and gained 16 pounds.  Got back on plan on  25th November and today when I got weighed it showed I had gained 5 pounds since my last weigh in at group. So this means I have lost 11 pounds of the 16 pounds gain in the 2 weeks I have been back " on plan".  Two more weigh ins before Christmas and I have 4½ more pounds to lose to get back into my target range.  Can I do it....... well I'll have a good try.

My blip shot shows the festive window in the Oxfam shop. The rocking chair has a sign on it saying " Reserved for Santa on 24th December". The shop has a good selection of Christmas gifts.   I used the High Key feature on my camera to take the shot as this was part of the Mono Monday challenge set by Carolina

Musical link by SHOPPING The Jam

Steps today -13,445

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