Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I phoned my brother to check all was Ok with his electric.  It was.  His benefits had come through so he was able to buy some credit.  Mind you he only put £20 on his meter.  I said why didn't he put a lot more on while he had the money but ....... he had no answer to that question.  He did buy some whisky today so maybe that's more important!.  He will go his own sweet way whatever.

Dentist again this afternoon.  Another filling.  Another £88 paid.  Hopefully nothing else needs doing and I will just go back for my check up in 6 months time.

After the dentist I collected my repeat prescription, posted 5 Christmas cards ( that's an achievement  as Im way behind with Christmas related stuff ) and I did some shopping in the greengrocers and Tesco.

Met a lady from Slimming Club while I was out.  Haven't seen her since March.  She isn't on Facebook so it was nice to see her and catch up with her news.  We were wanting to give each other a hug so we just did a distant one instead.  I think the meeting cheered us both up.  Seeing folk in person does give you a boost.

As I was walking home through the allotments I spotted this discarded rusty saw blade.  Thought it might do for the Wide Wednesday challenge - theme is "Eyecatching  ".  Although it isn't particularly eyecatching it did catch my eye as I passed and its the best I could come up with.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.  I'm also tagging it for the derelict challenge hosted by Marlieske

Weather today was dull and dark but at least it was dry.

Steps today - 7,080

CORONA CLASSIC - Soundtrack from film A Patch Of Blue by Jerry Goldsmith

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