The Tiny Tuesday theme today set by carole_dunham is Trimmings.  One meaning of the word is - decoration added round the edge of something.  So I have blipped the fancy trim on the collar of my doll Rosa's dress.  I have added an Extra to show the whole outfit.

Musical link- Love With All The TRIMMINGS- by Barbra Streisand

Last week on the local residents Facebook page I read a post from a lady asking if anyone had any spare large suitcases.  A charity she was involved with (The Zambezi Sunrise Trust ) had collected a lot of clothes to send to Zambia and they were short of suitcases to pack them in.  I had a spare case so I got in touch.  Her husband came this morning and collected it. 

Yesterday I got an email from Steve Bruce the Newcastle Manager ( no kidding ). It said ...............

" I’m delighted to confirm that we are offering season ticket holders a free additional half-season ticket.

From 10am on Tuesday 10th December, you’ll be able to apply at or by calling the Box Office on 0344 372 1892. It’s first-come, first-served, but I hope you’ll be able to get an extra seat to enable a friend or family member to come to our home matches, starting with a great game against Everton on 28th December.

I’d love to fill St. James’ Park to the rafters every week. When it’s in full voice, it’s like nowhere else and that can make a big, big difference to the team.

Since our win against Southampton on Sunday, conversations have taken place to see what we can do to make that happen regularly and I’m delighted the club has responded so quickly with this offer.

We can’t – and won’t – take your support for granted. The way you have backed the players so far has been magnificent and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a personal thank you."

So at 10am I logged on to the website only to find that there was a queue - and there were 5,302 people ahead of me - and that would mean a wait of an hour.  Well at least I wasn't on the phone.  So I just pottered about and kept going back to the computer to check how I was progressing in the queue.  And around an hour later I got to the page where I could choose a seat.  So I chose a seat.  So far so good.   I had in mind getting the free ticket in Neil's name.  So I tried to fill in the details and a message appeared saying I wasn't entitled to an adult free ticket.  I tried a few times but then I realised that because I'm a SENIOR I could only get a SENIOR free ticket. Well offhand I didn't know any seniors who I could nominate ( you had to enter full name, date of birth etc so I couldn't just get a ticket and have a think later who to give it to ).  Seniors have to be aged over 65 at the start of the season.  Unfortunately my brother only turned 65 in November so I couldn't nominate him.  So I just had to leave it.  At least I tried.  

I have written a few Christmas cards today and wrapped a couple of presents but apart from that Ive not done much.  The weather has been terrible - constant rain and a howling wind.  I have had 2 bored and unhappy cats on my hands. 

Steps today - 3,884

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