My Scottish friend frae Embro (from Edinburgh) tells me that Stoatin' means It's raining so hard that it's bouncing off the pavement and Drookit means Soaked through to the bone!!!!!  I can't use another word as it would be like swearing and |I don't swear (well rarely anyway).

What a terrible day weather-wise.  Just did some household chores this morning then had to make my way to Kendal to the James Cochran Centre for my Dermatology appointment.  

Hubby came with me and drove.  The journey there was bad enough.  There's also roadworks going on so there's a huge queue of traffic from the Romney Road roundabout right up past the Medical Centre.  

We knew the car park was small so we decided to park in the Leisure Centre and then walk.  Also we didn't quite know where it was but somewhere on the route to B&Q and Asda!!!  Mistake today as we got fair drookit, despite kagouls and a heavy duty umbrella.

We arrived 20 minutes early (we had allowed extra time due to the weather and the road works).  We were seen immediately - amazing.  This was to do with "bubbles" That I had on my legs in the summer and October.  Apparently there is nothing major to worry about but because all that is left is the huge red circles they've left behind all I can do now is keep an eye on things.  If I do get another one the Doctor I saw gave me his number to call him straight away and they would fit me in somehow!??  Relief I didn't have to have any needles today!!!??

Then the walk back to the car, drookit again!!!.  The weather back home was even worse.  The picture shows what is was like on the A590 between Sizergh Castle and the Grange Roundabout!!

What amazed me was the people tearing along not taking into account the weather conditions at all, slamming on breaks and weaving in and out!!!

Apologies for the quality of the photo but it was taken with my phone again (mini Samsung 3), I really must upgrade it.  Still it shows a little what it was like.

Stay safe everyone, drive carefully if you have to go out in it and keep dry.  Take care and see you all tomorrow.

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