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Song by both Bette Midler and Sir Cliff - I, of course, being an almost lifelong fan of Sir Cliff's prefer his version but both are good.

Slight Rant alert....

Decided to take G to Lancaster by Train and risk going with Northern today.  Well it's a bit of a tale.

From Kents Bank station now we have to either biuy a ticket from the new ticket machine or get a "Promise to Pay" ticket.  As the weather was still a bit dreich I thought I'd buy on-line to save time.  What I didn't notice was the Northern automatically select an m-ticket for you (to be used via an app).  I like to use e-tickets so I can print off.  

Anyway No problem I thought I'll just download the app. WRONG - apparently my Samsung Mini will not support the Northern Trains app (strange because it supported Virgin and Transpennine)!!!!!   

OK I thought I'll phone them and get them to re-send to me as an e-ticket (Virgin have done this for me in the past with no problem whatsoever).  The first person I got through to (obviously in Mumbai or somewhere similar) I couldn't understand him, lovely accent but not when you're on a phone trying to understand what they are saying.  It turned he'd promised to e-mail me new tickets.  So I waited about 20 minutes, notice a new e-mail in my inbox - guess what he'd just re-sent what I already had - a confirmation of the m-ticket.  I phoned again, this time I got someone I could understand but he didn't know what to do.  Twice he had to put me on hold whilst he asked his supervisor (allegedly).  They suggested I used another mobile phone - I only have one I said. (G's is a Pay As You Go so can't support the app either).  I said well can hou cancel the ticket so I can have my money back and I'll just buy new tickets.  No he said it would cost you £10 and the tickets are only £9.  He also said along the lines of "it's only £9 so you haven't lost much"!!!!!  Aaaaarrgghhh - it's still my £9 and the cost is irrelevant - he does not know whether this makes a difference to me or not.

In the end I just had to get two new tickets.  Lesson learnt - I will no longer use Northern's on-line services.

Got to Lancaster on time.  Had a coffee to warm up and then a pootle around.  Not too bad, visited a couple of second-hand bookshops.  There were light very cold showers now and then but not too bad.  Have to take things slowly with G so I couldn't really stop to take photos.

We then decided to go the Kings Arms for lunch as it is not far to the station after that and we could get the 2 minutes past 2 train back.

Another fiasco.  They were quite busy with two largeish tables reservations but they gave us a table.  Took the order quickly enough, although the waitress is obviously learning and had to write everything down very slowly.

The order took ages to come through.  G had a mini burger and chips (a lovely small portion just right for lunch time).  He asked for some salt and vinegar.  These never appeared.  The waitress kept coming in with just one item or a tray of drinks.  Another table also asked for vinegar - these also never appeared - apparently she would have had to go through to another part of the hotel to get some!!!!!  One waitress was just stood at the bar staring into space and only helped when the other one went to her to ask for it.  Both obviously in training, but no supervision at all.  Sad because the food was fine but it has put me off going back.

We made the train with 1 minute to spare - yeaah - as I didn't fancy hanging about for about 90 minutes waiting for the next one.

Got back to Grange - and guess what the sun came out - so the saying that "It's Always Sunny in Grange" is obviously true!!!???

Good job I don't let these things bother me anymore, but it's still just a bit frustrating nonetheless.  

Hope you've all had a good day.  Thank you dropping by again.  Take care, stay safe and warm and see you all tomorrow.

I did try a couple of photo shots through the train window but they had raindrops on them - however I've put one in extra's as I think it adds to the photo - what do you think - does it work??  The main photo is from the foreshore of our little train station and looks over to Arnside.  

This is my entry for Wide Wednesday, many thanks to Bobsblips for hosting.  The theme is temporary - well the sky is blue and at the moment that is temporary so I hope that counts.  Could also use the extra which has raindrops which are also temporary!!??

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