a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Tiny Tuesday:  Conical 

A close up showing the centre of a speaker cone taken with a macro lens for Tiny Tuesday.  Not terribly exciting I am afraid but great to listen to with the right music.  Something I am hoping to find more time for in the decade to come.

At the start of the day the Mac had decided not to allow me to open files on the disc.  I could preview them, but not open them in an application.  A bit of research indicated that it was an iCloud issue.  Logging out of iCloud, rebooting and then logging back in sorted it all out. Fortunately.  I say fortunately as I was starting to think that I might have to reinstall my operating system from scratch, which is always a worry.

These things come in clusters, and the Samsung smart TV has decided to loose all its apps and will not allow us to reload them.  Its about 4 years old and has behaved in an exemplary fashion, until now.  But with this problem Netflix and the BBC iPlayer etc are all unavailable, and we tend to watch a lot of our TV on demand nowadays.  I've spent several hours on this problem over the last week, and have done any amount of googling of the problem.  No amount of switching it off and on, resetting/restoring systems and rebooting has managed to fix the problem.  Fortunately the blue-ray DVD player allows us access so our viewing is not disrupted but it is VERY annoying. I suspect that one of the Apps is corrupted and stopping the installation process, but I have no method of resolving that from my end.  It may seem harsh but I am beginning to suspect that if ever there was a cure for optimism it is a Samsung TV!

For other reasons that I shall not go into, it has been a busy and fretful 24 hours, but the outlook is not as dark as it was at the start. We now travel forwards with hope and everything that we can cross is crossed.

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