Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

The Vote For Democracy

Camera:      Leica M6 ttl(1999) with Voigtlander Ultron Vintage 35mm F2  lens (manual focus)
Film:            Fuji Neopan Professional CN ASA400 (C41 Process)

The Cardiff match finished before 10pm with a loss, and to make matters worse Mrs BB was in such pain with a recurrence of her pelvic infection I dashed her to A&E.  She was in agony, vomiting and crying for pain relief. The people in the crowded waiting room were marvellous helping with water and tissues. On the other hand, the supposedly caring health professionals were not. Eight hours after arrival she had still not seen a doctor and, the pain having mostly gone, we walked out. Those who saw her so ill were as disgusted as us. Our NHS is broken.

After a few hours kip, and still not over the virus we have, I took the blipfoto. An important day for our country, it's all about Brexit.

Wide Wednesday Challenge

This weeks theme was 'temporary' and there was a very good number of entries, some super photo's, and I've gone with what in my opinion fit the theme. Thanks for tagging your entry and having a go! All my choices to get hearts asap!

1.    GrahamColling                         Dead Leaves
2.    pkln                                            winter circus
3.    Larchlea                                    Glasgow Xmas Market
4.    DonnaWanna                            Car mirror
5.    SherriM                                      Snowy I.C.M
6.    DavidC                                        toboggan ride
7.    V1K1                                             Sunset
8.    Miranda1008                             plant
9.    Andrew44                                  Bales
10  KenGrace                                    Scaffold

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