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By ValleyAllBlack

#PositiveAdvent Day 13 - Buzzword Bingo

So we wake up to an overwhelming Conservative majority.  If you've watched the news you will have heard a lot of buzzword bingo from all sides.  If only I'd got hold of this notepad earlier, I could have had a full house.  Lol!

Took time out from work this morning to deliver a talk at the Transplant Cafe in Swansea.  I love being able to share my story, and hopefully inspire others.  I got a lot of good feedback, which makes me happy.

So on Day 13 of Positive Advent I'm thankful for:

1.  A good night's sleep
2.  For proving once again that the work I've done for my company is ahead of our competitors
3.  For having the ability to talk at the Transplant Cafe
4.  For my live donor, Geoff, who is a true hero
5.  For receiving good feedback and questions on my journey
6.  For having an invite to a Cardiff Transplant Cafe
7.  For reflecting on what I went through during dialysis and transplant recovery, and thinking "hell! I've achieved a lot"
8.  For having a small portion of cheeky chips at the Transplant Cafe
9.  For having potential future opportunities to help out with kidney research
10.  For receiving some beautiful, handmade Christmas decorations from my wonderful friend, the Bevster
11.  For the genius who came up with this notepad, as featured in the blip.  Lol!
12.  For making it through Friday 13th without any dramas.  Travel was my worry.  Lol!
13.  For just having one week left in work of 2019.

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