Keith B

By keibr

Sea & Snow

This is a winter view of the northern sound, looking north from the waterfront in the middle of town. All the boats are away for the winter (except one steel boat) and the quayside is empty.
After the real magic of Monday and Tuesday (thanks for the appreciation) the temperatures rose above freezing and the clouds moved in. The world still looks lovely but not quite as "magic" as on those special days.
This is a backblip, so as I post it I now know the UK election results, which removes a whole lot more "magic" from my world. I'm not writing much more because I feel so angry and so bitter with this result, and I could end up writing something unfair and vindictive, which I may later regret.
We have to be able to discuss things with those we disagree with, but today is not the day for that.
However, I do live in a lovely place, even on a grey day.

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