By KatesGardenPDX

Wow! 100th Blip Today!

I can’t say that I’m surprised that I have posted a blip every day for 100 days....I think what surprises me is how much I love doing this every day, and what amazing people I’ve come to enjoy in this community! So grateful for all of your support, encouragement, stars and hearts!

I had a hard time choosing what to post on this momentous occasion. So I’ve narrowed it to two, no three :-) I caught this blip this afternoon in my sister’s garden - it’s a glass ornament she has hanging on a small tree and I noticed that this sun was shining though it. I like its lovely, glowing light...a nice way to celebrate the 100th blip.

But in order to celebrate the season, I’ve also added an extra image of some of the lights on the Plaza in Santa Fe. It’s a fabulous spectacle, but hard to get a good photo....plus there were a ton of people there enjoying the lights. My sister took me out for dinner on the Plaza tonight to celebrate my upcoming birthday (on Monday - I’ve leaving for home Sunday). The manager presented me with a piece of Tiramisu as a birthday treat...hence the second extra - just for fun.

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