A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Then & Now :: No.1

I thought I'd look back on my journal and do some 'Then & Now' images showing some of the changes that have happened in just a short time.

I have always enjoyed looking at old photographs like those published by Frith etc. Comparing then and now is fascinating, something like photographic archaeology striping back the layers to reveal what is new, old or a hybrid of both. 

My first offering is a new build at the top of my road. It has been growing over the past few months and scheduled to take 51 weeks to finish, so the notice outside says. The old house, typical of many that have been torn down to make way for monsters was photographed by me during a snowy day back in February 2015. I have kept with mono like the original.

The old house is still standing, hidden by the new build. I can't work out why they have done it this way round. I image they will need to demolish the old house brick by brick and carry it through the new as there is no or little access on either side now!

NB. The new house is due to have a large 2 storey glass atrium. A great bit of design for a house facing a road. Maybe it's to save on lighting as oncoming headlights will do the job nicely... 

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