I had bacon with a fried egg for breakfast and it " inspired " me to post this blip for Silly Saturday. When I first heard the song Ride It  I had no idea what it was called or what the lyrics were and I thought the words sounded like  Fried Egg.   Even though I now know its Ride It  I still sing  Fried Egg  when I hear it on the radio.  As my Mam would have said " little things please little minds ".  If you fancy it listen to the song and see what you think.  Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

Musical link RIDE IT by Regard

I nipped down to the village this afternoon but didn't linger as I had to be home by 3pm to listen to the match on the radio.  Newcastle were playing away at Burnley.  A few players are injured so I wasn't hopeful of a win. Final score was Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

During the second half of the match Radio Newcastle had problems with their equipment and we lost connection with the commentators at Burnley.  So what did they do ..... they let us listen to the commentary from the Sunderland match.  I wonder whose bright idea that was.  Newcastle fans do not really want to listen to the Sunderland match. Luckily it wasn't for long.  However when we went back to the Newcastle game the equipment still wasn't working and it sounded like they were commentating via phone - on a bad line.  Hard to hear and the sound kept disappearing. So not a good day for Newcastle fans.

This evening I have written Christmas cards and watched Strictly.  Pleased about who won. ( I won't say who ... just in case anyone hasn't watched it yet ).

Steps today - 8,809

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