The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Still raining in my heart

This time I'm bringing you the wet streets of Stroud, and the famous hornbeam tree (left) that people campaigned to save. There aren't many trees in Central Stroud, and this is one of them.

Long day! I went with my Saturday colleagues to Tewkesbury, and we took the young people to Cheltenham to Starbucks, and to see Frozen 2, which I didn't hate at all. In fact, I wouldn't mind being forced to see it again with another group.
Back to Tewks, back to Stroud, back to the Labour party campaign office, for the party's non-party event. Lots of familiar faces. Community. At least, though Labour didn't win, a strong community has emerged. David Drew, the ousted MP, made speeches, and spoke to almost everyone in person. I didn't get a snap of him because I was standing on a table to get a better view, and my was in my bag, which was elsewhere. (I was being given funny looks for standing on a table, but I'm a featherweight, so I wasn't bothered about breaking it).

Afterwards, J and I went to the AleHouse, where we were joined by R. I got home some time after midnight. Having consumed two bottles of Black Fox cider, I woke at 6.30 with a totally blocked nose and a banging headache. Fortunately I found some paracetamol-with-decongestant tablets. Maybe I had better start stockpiling common or garden medicines (again).

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