By DonnaWanna

Mono Monday - Favourite (Place)

I accidentally did my Favourite Christmas decoration last week (see link) so this week I’m doing my Favourite Place which is of course the local lake.

There’s always something going on down there, always a bird or duck who will put on a performance for you (if you wait long enough:) and today this little duck won the prize!!

There was a bit of a kerfuffle amongst a group of these ducks and this one reared up and quacked and flapped a bit, I snapped a bit, and then suddenly they all went quiet and swam off. It was quite hilarious as if he’d yelled out “Enough of that!!” Lol

I’ll even go down there on Christmas as its a lovely place in the early morning plus Toto likes it too ;;o)

Thanks to Carolina for hosting Mono Monday.

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