The theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by Carolina is 'Favorite' or Favourite as we spell it over here!  

I've always had a favourite spirit in the drinks department, and that has been rum, which took over from blended scotch quite a long time ago.  And amongst the rums my particular favourite is Wood's 100, a particularly strong and tasty version.  My son, Andrew, who lives in Yokohama is a rum connoisseur, I'm not sure what his favourite is, though it is a popular drink in Japan.

As I grew older, and had to add to my collection of daily medicines, I cut down on my alcohol intake as the combination doesn't do me much good.  My father, who died aged 88 was also a great rum drinker, I never had any problems buying him a Christmas present.  

So I allow myself a little indulgence at this festive period, and hope the effect wears off before my next blood test!

You may notice that the bottle appears to have a slight leaning to the right, this can be the effect of too much of a good thing.

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