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By ValleyAllBlack

#PositiveAdvent Day 16 - You can but dream

Back on the train today to Birmingham, to meet an old colleague who can perhaps help me during this busy period.  He's got limited scope, so I'm still struggling with some urgent work.  A message in the afternoon might be a sign of help though.

We met in the modernised Birmingham New Street station, I went to a number of workshops of how they did some key work on it.  It certainly is a fascinating building.  This bit is Grand Central, I would love to attend the real Grand Central station in New York.

So on day 16 of Positive Advent I'm thankful for:

1.  A good night sleep, despite an early alarm clock
2.  Free car parking at the train station because of Christmas
3.  Seat reservations that were working all along my journey
4.  On time trains despite a dodgy announcement at Birmingham on the way home
5.  For a quiet day with limited emails and no phone calls, which means no dramas
6.  For a warm cup of tea which was desperately needed at Birmingham
7.  For catching up with a former colleague and a good friend, the first time I'd seen him in 4 years
8.  For his ability to help in my hour of need
9.  For my love of reading, I've now read 100 books this year
10.  For a message out of the blue, which might be able to help me with some urgent work
11.  For mother's homemade corned beef pie, which is simply delicious
12.  For digestive biscuits
13.  For an excellent community carol service
14.  For the fantastic soloist from Neath College who sang at the service
15.  For the talented youngsters of the choir and band from Neath College
16.  For sharing quality family time

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