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By ValleyAllBlack

#PositiveAdvent Day 15 - Thankful

A busy day.  First up was the trip to Singleton Hospital, Swansea to find out about my eyes.  The opthamologist reviewed them, and diagnosed me with PVD of the eye, which basically means that a bit of the jelly in my eye had come loose from my retina.  Thankfully it was not a tear, there is no treatment but it should settle down over several months, so I've got to grin and bare it.

And then to Porthcawl for my second panto of this season, Snow White at the Grand Pavilion with my friend Rachel and her family.  The London Palladium might have had the glitz and glamour, but the Pavilion had the story and plot.  Another great work out of my chuckle muscles, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So on Day 15 of Positive Advent, today I am thankful for:

1.  A good lie in
2.  For a mum and dad who give me so much support and love
3.  For the support of wonderful friends on this latest health trip  
4.  For the wonderful NHS, who have been there once again for me when I needed them
5.  For the expertise of an opthamologist
6.  For a diagnosis of PVD, rather than teared retina
7.  For still being able to read
8.  For the friendship of Rachel and her family
9.  For a cracking Madras curry before panto
10.  For the magic of panto
11.  For a good work out of my chuckle muscles
12.  For a nice, warm cup of tea upon coming home from the cold wind
13.  For a nice Christmas present, which won't be opened until Christmas Day
14.  For having time to chill and rest before the new week
15.  For the final week of work coming up

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