There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Grand Adventure at Childhood's Gate

"I'm taking the Tiger along with me again today," I announced to my husband, "and all of his little friends too." "Well, PLEASE don't get arrested and end up in the hoosegow,"* he replied; "I'd hate to have to come into town and bail YOU out, and the Tiny One too. . . . " (*hoosegow = jail)

And so Tiny Tiger and his four mousie friends and I set out on our day, which included a trip to see the big Christmas tree inside the Glass House at Childhood's Gate. The Tiger found a caterpillar ornament to ride that looked a LOT like a sled or toboggan. Soon everybody piled on. What an adventure!

A moment later, I peered out the windows to see a huge snow squall had arrived, and it enveloped the gardens in white. When I left the Glass House, I took some photos of the snow. In the extras, you may see a photo of snow falling at the entrance to Childhood's Gate. That big tree to the right is the famous Witness Tree.

Let's let our soundtrack song be this one: the Ronettes, with Sleigh Ride.

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