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By ValleyAllBlack

#PositiveAdvent Day 18 - Friendship and Panto

Had to head into work, although frankly it was a waste of time.  Some people seem to want to avoid any responsibility for anything.  A busy, busy morning though, loads of phone calls trying to sort stuff out for next year.

I then met up with my good friend, Janey, for a catch up before the Christmas break.  We met via Twitter, and have remained friends since.  It was great to see her, and hear of her exciting plans.

And then the evening saw panto no.4 in Swansea, with another good friend in Victoria.  The Swansea panto has become our Christmas tradition, and tonight it was Peter Pan and it was very good.  Another good work out of the old chuckle muscles.

So on Positive Advent Day 18 I'm thankful for:

1.  A good night's sleep, it sets you up for the day
2.  A traffic free run into work
3.  A glorious sunrise
4.  For getting one of our acquisitions through their transfer assessments successfully, as their certificates were issued today
5.  For planning some dates for January 2020, I'm full up already
6.  For organising another work train journey
7.  For calculating that I save money for the company, and reduce their environmental impact by taking the train
8.  For the friendship of Janey, a good friend
9.  For hearing of her exciting plans
10.  For a car parking space in Newport when all seemed lost
11.  For getting the go ahead to recruit
12.  For finding a suitable course for my future apprentice
13.  For a compliment on my skills
14.  For the friendship of Victoria, my young padawan
15.  For the magic of panto
16.  For the many laughs
17.  For the patience for not killing those sat behind.  Lol!
18.  For seeing Kevin Johns win an award at the end of the panto

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