By MsQuizzical

The Robin's Carol

I was shopping at 6:30am, my last foray before Christmas. It was amazingly peaceful.

I have never encountered floods on my journey to my final shop before. I've never experience flood rage before either. People were taking it in turns to stick to the crown of the road. Even though I was in the van, with raindrops beating loudly on the roof, I was being cautious. Even an egg-cupful of water can wreck an engine.  This guy approached from the opposite direction at breakneck speed and gestured that I should move over. I refused. What's the opposite of pleasantries? Whatever - they were exchanged. :)

Robins have been singing constantly. Other birds are starting to join in. Great tits were calling, "Teacher, teacher, teacher" today. 

The brook south of our property babbles away softly, it's usually not much more than a ditch. It was a loud, bubbly, swollen, raging torrent today. Extras.     

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