A Beautiful Card.

We received this beautiful card, from my niece in the UK today.  It plays the Sugar Plum Fairy dance from The Nutcracker Suite.  And the ballerina dances around.  The girls will love it.

Out at 7am to get the prawns, and a few other pieces.  Shop very quiet, but it was early.

Then up to the cemetery with some fresh flowers.

Home to do some Christmas cooking.  The weather was a bit cooler, luckily as I was making pastry.  Never easy in this climate.  We've had some rain the last 2 nights.  And they say there are storms on the way too.

After finishing the cooking I decided I needed to go to the supermarket again.  I wanted some decorations for the cake I'd made.

When I came back, for some reason I looked in the post box again, even though we'd already had the post.

There was a card saying something couldn't be delivered because nobody was in!

I was so annoyed as my husband was there all the time, and the windows were open.  I don't understand how they thought no-one was in.

Unfortunately, this parcel wasn't being returned to the Post Office, but somewhere else.  We couldn't read the number on the card, to find out online where the parcel was.  So, we had to ring up.

They couldn't tell us either as the driver hadn't yet reported that he couldn't deliver it!!

Not happy at all with the service.

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