Christmas Day.

After a big thunderstorm last night, the weather has cooled down.  It continued to rain on and off this morning, but no-one is complaining.

Sparkles was delivered to me this morning at about 8.30am, as Peter. Alexandra and the girls headed off to his family.

I put Sparkles in the garden completely forgetting that Neo was outside.  Two and a half hours later he emerged from under the B-B-Q, and skirted around Sparkles who was asleep on the doormat.  He then sat and stared at her for the next hour or so, from inside the house.

The family arrived back at about 2.30pm, for more food and presents.  The girls seemed to like all their presents and had a great time opening them.

But we still went upstairs and played with some old favourites, kids are funny.

They went home happy, with Isabella calling out, as they drove off, 'Thank you for lunch.'

We'll see them again tomorrow, as we've a lot of food to eat up.

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