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Robin Christmas Card

I had not intended to spend a lot of time today cleaning and sorting my husband’s bathroom airing cupboard. While he was in his bathroom this morning he heard a loud noise and when he investigated it was clear that a mouse, or something, had been in his cupboard. I think it is now a very sick mouse and probably dead. My husband keeps an extra set of medications, in a spare box, for one week in his bathroom cupboard; a great many had been eaten. I have spent several hours cleaning all three shelves and washing towels and linen that is stored in there.
Before spending much of the day cleaning the cupboard I went into Saffron Walden to the dentist for a fitting for my new dentures I was in there all of five minutes and £200 lighter when I came out. I expected the town to be busy, maybe it was later, but there were plenty of spaces in the Swan Meadow car park at 0830 this morning and still lots of spaces when I left at 1030 hours. 
Today’s picture is of my favourite Christmas card received this year; it is from Josephine’s first Mummy. She sends me a cross-stitch card every year from Greece where she has lived for the past twenty years.
The temperature at GMT noon today was ten degrees Celsius.  

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