By Kipsie

A selection of sweetmeats for my delectation

made with the fair hands of cassiesmum. A perfect subject for today's Tiny Tuesday subject 'TASTY TREATS'., and tasty they are. I'm actually amazed that I have'nt polished them off. My favourite is the Xmas pud. They look great don't they? Clever cassiesmum. :- )
A sunny start to the day, so did a wash. Pegged on the whirligig, next time I looked outside it was raining. I left it there, in fact it's still there, the forecast is good for tomorrow, Xmas day. It really does'nt feel like Xmas, even with all the neighbours flashing ornamentation. I've got a candle arch + a couple of starry tealight holders in the kitchen window. Brought my pottery moose down to join in the Xmas scene, as he came home with me when I left my job in Sweden. I worked for a Baron & his family, lived  in a castle, & cooked a lot of moose during my time there as they did an annual moose, & deer cull to keep the herd strong and numbers under control. Wonderful memories of my time spent there.
Josie came over for lunch today, a bowl of homemade veggie soup. She brought a plate of pork, & vegetarian, sausage rolls that she'd made. Made her own pastry too, very impressive. What a lucky maid I am. We spent the afternoon yapping, trying to fix an e.mail dilemma that I have. Turns out I had 4,750 unread messages in my "Social" file. Ops! Could'nt find evolybab's e.mail originally but have received it now, & will reply shortly. Josie left about 6.15, time for me to make dinner. Nothing planned, but rustled up dinner based on a Swedish fast food. Smoked sausage & onions on creamed potato. A sweetmeat for dessert with coffee.
Removed the giblets & fat from the duck, then did a quick Google on best way to cook it. It's free range, & the majority of sites recommend high for the first 20 mins then drop the temp down for remainder of cooking time. We'll find out soon enough, coz tomorrow is Xmas day.
Just watched a beautiful programme on BBC4 'The Last Igloo' , now found an old episode of Vicar of Dibley. Hilarious!
Oh my goodness look at the time ... Back to the Vicar of Dibley where Alice is giving birth back in the village hall, and the vicar is wandering about the farm yard with the Three Wise men.

Thanks to carol_dunham for hosting

Wishing you all very merry festive season & healthy & happy 2020

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