The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand

I stayed with my sister overnight. We had breakfast at 8 am and then took the dogs for a walk in the par force hunting landscape in North Zealand. This landscape is on UNESCO's World Heritage List and it is fascinating!

UNESCO's description:
"Located about 30 km northeast of Copenhagen, this cultural landscape encompasses the two hunting forests of Store Dyrehave and Gribskov, as well as the hunting park of Jægersborg Hegn/Jægersborg Dyrehave. This is a designed landscape where Danish kings and their court practiced par force hunting, or hunting with hounds, which reached its peak between the 17th and the late 18th centuries, when the absloute monarchs transformed it into a landscape of power. With hunting lanes laid out in a star system, combined with an orthogonal grid pattern, numbered stone posts, fences and a hunting lodge, the site demonstrates the application of Baroque landscaping principles to forested areas."

You can read more on the UNESCO website!

My pictures today is from the King's stone or the King's star - this is the stone in the middle of the hunting landscape, where the king was waiting during the hunt - ready to step in and kill the deer, when the rest of the hunters had worn it out. A historical site from a time, when things were so different from today.

I left my sister's at 3 pm and drove home. My sister sent food and cakes home with me for several days :-D

Out for dinner with my friend in the evening.

Happy Christmas
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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