Letter from Ukraine

We are always delighted to hear from our ex HOST students at this time of the year.
And we received a letter from Iryna in the Ukraine.

This is an extract:
“It's a snowless winter for us so far. Difficult times continue as innocent civilians and military patriots are being killed every day in the ongoing armed conflict in eastern  Ukraine and in the  occupied Crimea. Our main prayers and hopes are for peace.
"I have fond memories of my stay with you during Christmas in Scotland: I remember the white fir tree in your house, a tasty pudding set on fire , your wonderful neigbours, and our exciting travels to see the neighbourhood. 
And I still  have the 'golden' sock for presents.”
Photo of Christmas card :  this is a portable theatre showing the nativity scene. It came to Ukraine in the 17th century, and was banned by the Bolsheviks and then the Soviets.
Additional photo in extra  shows  the three attractions in Kyiv/Kiev- St. Andrew Church ( on the hill), St. Sophia Church (the tall tower is part of the complex built in the 11th cenrury), and St. Michael's Church ( originally built in the 12th century, then barbarically blown up by the Soviets to build a government complex, and rebuilt under independent Ukraine. 


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