twinned with trumpton

By misterft

Another early start. At 6 I was roused,  by 0635 I was out. To fetch the car and round up Baz, Shaz and Nic. 
Up the M9 and onto the A82. All the way to Glencoe village. 500 yards outside we stopped. Pleasantly surprised to see the summits of the Munros as we drove up across Rannoch Moor; the soggy forecast ebbing further and further back. 

1030 we started, straight up and that's pretty much it to the last 1/2 mile which is a slither across icy rock and snow. A chill breeze too. 

Me n Her and Fenton Logan were a good 10 minutes up on Nic and Baz so we retreated out the wind just off the summit ridge. Where we witness 4 Germans get to the summit ridge,  fire off a million Instagram shots then turn and head without actually bothering to go to the summit!!

Good job we did wait. Baz led Nic straight past the cairn that marks the path down. Have you ever had to yell at a deaf person as they march full on towards a sheer drop???? Man....

Anyways we slithered down, we asked the guy at the Green Welly Stop where his mask was, like Dick Turpin wore...and back to drop everyone off before returning to Her's for leftovers.  

I left around 2130 and tried to repatriate the purse in the car (fail) before a shower and tea. 68 more to go

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