By amandoAlentejo

On the Wall

On the way back from the market, cheeky Leonor yelled at us, so we stopped and chatted, a lot of dark stuff with her family. We offered to take the kids to Monsaraz for the afternoon, just for them to get out of it for a while. Leonor is utterly fearless, wanted to climb everything, my heart was in my mouth, but Mike calmly accompanied her up on the high walls, sometimes with her brother, Eduardo. Ended up with a drink and a jump on the trampoline at the beach bar.

Paul is back home, but feeling rough from the morphine, and in a lot of pain, poor guy.

- our support group, giving up a morning of their Christmas time, to listen to and pray for us, what would we do without you??
- all your (and others') birthday wishes for me yesterday, thank-you!
- iridescent green fields shining in the sunshine

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