I can hardly believe that this is my 2555th Blip - or to put it another way, 7 years of Blipping - and in all that time, I have never missed a day or had to do a back-blip.  

It’s all the more unbelievable because I have always felt I had no self-control, but I have obviously been deluding myself!  It takes a lot of self-control to take a photograph every day and write a journal - and yes, I know that sometimes my journals are “wordy” but mainly this is because (a) I love writing, (b) it’s a record of my day through my photograph and (c) because I can type very fast, so it doesn’t take me too long!

I am amazed that I have never missed a day, but then I have a very accommodating husband, who is always ready to help out - as many of you will know - and even yesterday, when Pam and Roger came, she remarked that he was always willing to be my “super model”!  I often say that if it wasn’t for Mr. HCB, I wouldn’t have kept going as long as I have on Blip, so a special “Thank You” is due to him.

I wanted something with seven somewhere for my 7th Anniversary on Blip and this seemed appropriate for today.  Six roses left over from this Blip and a beautiful red rose from a lovely bouquet given to me by my brother, Paul, on Christmas Eve.  Interestingly, only a couple of days ago, when we were all in our conservatory to meet the funeral director, who just happened to be our cousin, my sister went outside to have a cigarette, pointed to a vase on the windowsill with dead roses in it and mouthed to me “What’s that?”  Her daughter, Jolene, knew immediately and said, “Oh that must be for your photograph that you take every day”, which I confirmed was true - and said that if I had nothing else to Blip, then a vase of dead roses often saved the day because even when they were dead, they were still beautiful - to me they are anyway.

So here is my offering for my 7th Blipversary - with grateful thanks to all of you who have popped in over the years to look at my photographs, read my journal, left comments, stars or hearts and particularly in the last few months, those who have helped and encouraged me in many ways - and not just on Blip, but by sending cards, gifts and flowers and praying.  You are a fantastic group of people and I am privileged to be part of this wonderful community - here's to the next 7 years!  M xx

“Don't forget - 
     no one else sees the world 
          the way you do, 
               so no one else can tell the stories 
                    that you have to tell.”
Charles de Lint

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