Desperate times call for desperate measures, hence my blip of these delights I got for Christmas. The quality control test accounts for the missing pink macaroon.

I was too busy socialising this morning to go on a blip hunt. My Edinburgh friend of many talents joined me for coffee in the morning before David and Lucy arrived. They came to claim back their cheese cake tin and present me with HL’s letter to David , setting out the instructions for my Big Birthday Party. David had it framed for me and will be a constant reminder of HL’s love.

At lunch time my step daughter arrived with her new fiancé to let me know what arrangements they had made for their wedding in March. It all sounded wonderful and organised already but all that was going through my head was the horrors of getting a stepmother of the bride outfit. Having been the mother of 5 brides and 2 bridegrooms, I thought I had put the horrors of dressing the part to the annals of history twelve years ago ( apart from David’s secret wedding this September - no dressing up required there.)
This where I will really miss HL’s input.- he was so good with clothes and would have been able to chose something suitable for me. No sack cloth and ashes would have been allowed.

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