Spike and HPX

Spike and I have had such a good time she's stayed an extra day.

Thanks to her more weeding has been done in the garden. I've had a helper as I've been on the end of a crowbar. Someone else to help collect rocks and stones leveraged by the crowbar makes a big difference.

Spike helped me work out where to shift a plant to and where to put some of yesterday's new plants. I did the heavy work and she passed me compost, potting mix, and gypsum.

I ran this morning and slogged in the garden this afternoon. Eventually I reached a point where I needed to stop. There is always more to be done.

Tomorrow Spike will be up and away early. I'll head into Christchurch for most of the day and catch up with another friend.

Today's gratitude: For fun, laughter, and friends.

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