Boxing Day Walk

I might have gone for my first run in ages today, had I not woken feeling a little under the weather and rather sniffly.  I had a mild sore throat yesterday, but ignored it.  I flet tired, so a run seemed out of the question.  We pottered.  TT made a curry with Christmas dinner leftovers, while I did a few chores.  Late morning we headed to Tyinghame.  A lot of people had had the same idea.  We bumped into one of BB’s friends, who ditched his parents and came for a walk with us.  We walked out behind the dunes and back along the beach.  The boys climbed the dunes and ran down, TT even joined them at one point.  We then had to put our long jumping skills into action to get a cross a burn.  We met up with A’s parents and he continued walking with them.  The tide was coming in and we just made it round the cliff without getting our feet wet.  We walked back to the car through the woods and came home for a  late lunch.

I picked up some Christmas crafting and made a start with it, while listening to a range of music, all from the 80s.  My highlight was Lloyd Cole’s Rattlesnakes.  Leftovers were pulled together for tea, which went down well.  My starter and TT’s curry.  TT and I then watched Paddington 2, and TT re-watched the James Bond film, which happened to be on TV tonight.

I also managed to backblip our wee holiday in Arran.  I’ve still got our summer holiday to backblip.  Hopefully I’ll get on to that soon.

Here are the boys on the beach, having climbed up a high sand dune.  BB is wearing shorts, as he does most non-school days, with little regard for the weather.


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