Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Room At The Inn

Our last day at Center Parcs. We had to do our packing and get the car loaded early, keeping only swim gear, purses and other essential stuff in our "hand luggage".

We then made our way to the pool. I was lucky in getting a photo of Emily in the pool today, she's been shy other mornings. I noticed #1 Daughter leaving the pool early. It turned out she had gone to see if there was room in the Inn for us to have lunch there.

Kat & G had decided, at the last minute, to add an extra day to their car hire. That meant we could all sit and enjoy a nice meal together at the end of our holiday rather them grab a snack and leave.

Rachel's choice of the Lakeside Inn was a good one and I was able to blip it across the lake on our way there. By about 2pm we were all ready to make our journeys home. Not bad for us, less than 10 miles.

On the way home we stopped to shop for food for our entertaining tomorrow.

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